Next Up?

Greetings world. Our next show is going to be a bit different than any of our previous. First off we're performing at Motr Pub in downtown Cincy for the first time. Second we will be performing with a live band, The Josh's to be specific. Third there will only be two acts this evening, ourselves and the gritty soulful sounds of ANALOGPANDA. If you don't know, come find out, you will not be disappointed. The date is Saturday April 14th and yes you should go ahead and mark it on your calendar, NOW. We will be shooting video for this evening so come prepared for a possible cameo! We're still setting other dates for the spring/summer push so hit us up if you want us to come to your city. 


Until the next time,

Sons of SIlverton

Whats up!

If you don't already follow us on one of our social media pages (please do we'd love to hear from you) you're probably not up to date on a lot of whats been going on. For the most part its been shows. We've had a great time meeting new people, performing with some amazing artist, and getting a great response to the project "Or Forever Hold Your Peace". 

We've actually decided that we are going to drop the price on our Bandcamp site to $5 to show our appreciation for the feedback and to make sure this album gets into as many hands as possible. In the end that's all that really matters. We just want as many people as we can reach to enjoy what we're doing as much as we enjoy doing it. CLick the link below! 


Our next show is at the Northside Yacht Club with J-Live! Its going to be another amazing night, hope to see you out! 

Until next time! 




Whats up people! May 5th has come and gone and our new project "Or Forever Hold Your Peace" has been released to the WORLD! 

There are a slew of people we want to thank for helping to make this album possible. Suave for the connect to the man who ended up producing the entire project Prospek. Chris Pennington and Chris Madine and New Fidelity Studios for your contributions both musically and your verbal input along the way. The entire group of artist who inspired us thru their work, creatitvity, and input.

El Born, Homage CVG, Piakhan, Boogie Bang, Deion, Diamond Russell, Jake Hellman, Josh Jessen, Laurie Bishop, Latrell Mcbeth, Ekwality, Mr. Rare Groove, Andrew Doench, Tiffany Mcqueary, Vinnie Goodword, Rami  Abdelmalek, and anyone else we may have fialed to mention. 

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal. Basically whichever digital retail outlet you prefer. It was hella fun (most of the time) working on this project and we look forward to getting on the road and rocking with y'all! If you're in or around the Nati area on May 12th drop by for the release party at the Northside Yacht Club 4231 Spring Grove Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45223. Selectas choice on the tables and SOS on the mic! 

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